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I’d Give Him These 7 Tips

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I’ve learned a ton about:





Over the past ~6 years of building WOLF Financial from the ground up.

But I’ve also made a lot of mistakes.

Here are 7 sentences I would share with my younger self:

1. The fastest way to learn something is to find someone who has already done it and have them teach you. Stop banging your head against the wall for weeks and instead spend 20 minutes on a call.

2. Every "No" you receive brings you one step closer to a "Yes" Challenges, pain, failure, & hard times are what create successful people. If it were easy everyone would do it.

3. Time is the ultimate factor. Had a bad breakup? Got fired from work? Are none of your investments working out? Don't discount the value a year or two of time can add to any equation.

4. You are not going to be able to change other people's minds (most of the time). Stop arguing! It's simply not worth your energy, especially on the internet.

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5. Life is too short to be unhappy 5 days a week. If you are scared, afraid, or uncomfortable every day you go to work that is a MASSIVE problem. There are going to be more opportunities, take the leap and chase happiness.

6. Most people don't need to know intimate details about you. Your money, relationships, and personal information are best kept to yourself and your family. Share too much and it will come back to bite you.

7. You are the center of your world. You will never be able to help others if you can't help yourself. Pushing yourself to the point of sickness and fatigue will only slow you down. Make sure you are okay then help others.

There you have it!

7 sentences I would tell my younger self:

These have helped me become the investor and business owner I am today.

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