99% of Financial Advice in 21 Sentences...

After working in Finance ~6 Years

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I’ve worked in finance for ~6 years.

Hosted 4,000+ hours of Spaces with investing experts.

And talked with people like:

• Elon Musk

• Bill Ackman

• Walter Isaacson

99% of investment advice can be boiled down to these 21 sentences:

1. Investing is 10% buying and 90% patience.

2. If you want to retire comfortably you can’t afford to be a bad investor.

3. Bull markets don’t last forever, but neither do bear markets. When stocks feel like they’ll never stop falling, that’s when you buy. When stocks feel like they never stop rising, that’s when you sell.

4. There is no free lunch. Stimulus checks pumped the market in 2021 and we’re still paying for it in 2024 with inflation and high interest rates.

5. Stock market corrections have occurred every 1.2 years on average since 1980. There’s no reason for volatility to take you by surprise.

6. If your investments perform well together and perform poorly together, you’re not as diversified as you think.

7. Cash isn’t trash... even if you’re in an inflationary environment.

8. Sometimes the best investment you can make is one you’re already invested in.

9. You don’t have to pick stocks to outperform other investors. If you dollar cost average and master your emotions, you will beat most.

10. Bull markets don’t make you a genius, and bear markets don’t make you an idiot.

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11. Watching the news doesn’t make you a more informed investor. It makes you a more anxious one.

12. Whenever you invest, plan for the worst-case scenario, hope for the best-case scenario, and accept what actually happens.

13. Traditional investment advice usually makes one person richer and it isn’t the person receiving it.

14. Studying stock market history and human psychology will teach you more than studying stock market forecasts.

15. There are 3 ways to become a better investor:

• Increase how long you invest.

• Change what you’re investing in.

• Do both.

16. If you can’t explain your investment strategy to a ten-year-old then it’s too complicated.

17. Stock prices tell you nothing more than what other people think a stock is worth. To see how much a company is worth, look at its fundamentals.

18. A great portfolio should weather greed, fear, and stagnation.

19. If you don’t know what to invest in, start with buying companies you use daily or just buy index funds.

20. Risk and return aren’t always correlated. This is why you can buy undervalued stocks (low risk) for giant profits (high return).

21. Diversification matters most when you feel like it’s costing you profits.

There you have it!

After my ~6 years in finance and hosting over 4,000 hours in spaces with investing experts, here’s 99% of investing advice boiled down to 21 sentences.

Thank you for reading!

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