Answering the Most Common Question I Get...

3 ETFs You Should Strongly Consider

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One of the most common questions I get from new investors is, “What should I invest in?”

My answer is almost always the same… “High quality ETFs.”

But there are 1,000s of them, so which ones should you choose?

Here are 3 from Defiance ETFs you should strongly consider:

First of all, why Defiance ETFs?

They are a disruptor in their space with over a billion AUM focusing on innovative and leading sectors such as:

  • AI

  • 5G

  • Electric Vehicles

  • Machine learning

  • Hydrogen energy

But what separates them the most...

Their unique approach to providing consistently higher income for investors using daily option premiums.

How does it work?

The objective is to generate monthly income by selling option premium on a daily basis.

They aim to realize rapid time decay by selling in the money puts.

They give you give you the best of both worlds... high income, and potential for market growth.

And I'm not just talking a little bit of income...

I'm talking A LOT.

With that being said, let's get into three of their most sought-after ETFs...

  • $IWMY

  • $QQQY

  • $JEPY

1) $IWMY

It's an actively managed ETF constructed of treasuries and Russell 2000 index options.

IWMY aims to achieve consistent and outsized monthly yield distributions for investors.

And doing this while providing equity market exposure to the Russell 2000.

2) $QQQY

QQQY is an actively managed ETF that seeks enhanced income, constructed of treasuries and Nasdaq-100 index options.

Providing equity market exposure to the Nasdaq-100, this fund aims to provide consistent income for long-term investors, with opportunity for growth.

3) $JEPY

JEPY is the first put-write ETF on the S&P 500 using daily options to seek enhanced income for investors.

With market exposure to the S&P 500, this fund provides ample income and opportunity for market growth.

So if you're looking for high quality ETFs that provide consistent monthly income AND leave plenty of room for growth opportunities...

Look no further than these three ETFs from Defiance.

There you have it!

Thanks for reading.

It's exciting to be working together with Defiance to help bring more awareness to these ETFs.

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