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Ready to Jumpstart your Journey to Financial Freedom?

These announcements and updates are a must-read for your success story.

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This is the BIGGEST week of the quarter!

We've got important info incoming on tech earnings. You can join the Spaces to connect with pros, join industry talks, and set the path for potential wealth.

And because I don’t want you to miss out on some knowledge that could be crucial to success in your financial journey, my entire schedule is included underneath this email…

If you can tune into any one of these spaces, you should - you’ll learn a lot.

And to do that, simply go to my main X page and click on my profile picture.

With that being said, talk later and have an awesome week,


PS: If you want a reminder before these spaces start, add them to your calendar.

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My Schedule This Week:


  • 9:20 AM EST - Good Morning FinTwit

  • 2 PM EST - Stock Market Predictions

  • 3 PM EST - Stock Market Analysis

  • 5 PM EST - Stock Picks For the Week


  • 12 PM EST - Tesla Deep Dive

  • 1 PM EST - Secure Digital Assets

  • 2:30 PM EST - Gabelli ETF Deep Dive

  • 3 PM EST - $MSFT $GOOGL $AMD Earnings


  • 10:30 AM EST - Stock Talk

  • 11:30 AM EST - Personal Finance

  • 1:30 PM EST - LIVE FOMC Analysis


  • 9:15 AM EST - LIVE Futuers Trading $ES $NQ

  • 12 PM EST - The X Spaces Crew

  • 1 PM EST - Gaming Deep Dive

  • 2 PM EST - Mistakes To Avoid In Trading

  • 2:30 PM EST - Defiance ETF Deep Dive

  • 3 PM EST - $AAPL $AMZN $META Earnings


  • 3 PM EST - Market Analysis W/ SavvyTrader