🐺The Biggest Week of 2024

Big News Incoming - Get Ready!

This is the BIGGEST week of the quarter!

Exciting updates are on the way regarding stock earnings. Hop into our Spaces to engage with experts, participate in industry discussions, and pave the way for financial success.

We’ll be discussing a whole range of financial topics LIVE on my X page:

Investing, crypto, trading, Web3, market sentiment, you name it.

And because I don’t want you to miss out on some knowledge that could be crucial to success in your financial journey, my entire schedule is included underneath this email…

If you can tune into any one of these spaces, you should - you’ll learn a lot.

And to do that, simply go to my main X page and click on my profile picture.

With that being said, talk later and have an awesome week,


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Right before we get to that I want to share a quick word from today’s sponsor!

Vistagen ($VTGN) is pioneering a new generation of neuroscience medicines that could change the lives of tens of millions of people.

Their goal is to set a new standard of care in the treatment of multiple psychiatric and neurological disorders.

The beautiful thing is that they are publicly traded, allowing anyone to invest in the technology.

I even had the opportunity to meet their CEO in person a couple weeks ago at the NYSE!

Learn more about them below:


My Schedule This Week:


  • 8:45 AM EST - Good Morning FinTwit

  • 11 AM EST - Investing In ETFs

  • 11:30 AM EST - Personal Finance

  • 2 PM EST - Investing Using AI

  • 3 PM EST - Stock Market Analysis

  • 5 PM EST - Stock Picks For the Week

  • 6:10 PM EST - Web3 Crowdfunding Made Easy


  • 9:15 AM EST - LIVE Trading & Market Analysis

  • 11 AM EST - Fixing DEFI W/ Folks Finance

  • 12 PM EST - Tesla Deep Dive

  • 1 PM EST - Investing In Psychiatric & Neurological Therapy

  • 2 PM EST - Earnings Analysis W/ Earnings Hub

  • 3 PM EST - $AMZN $AMD Live Earnings

  • 6 PM EST - Market Analysis & Trade Set Ups

  • 7 PM EST - A Token of Appreciation


  • 1:30 PM EST - LIVE FOMC Analysis


  • 9:15 AM EST - LIVE Trading & Market Talk

  • 11 AM EST - Bitcoin Mining Deep Dive

  • 12 PM EST - The X Spaces Crew

  • 1 PM EST - Decentralized Web3 Launchpads

  • 2 PM EST - Stock Market Predictions

  • 3 PM EST - $AAPL LIVE Earnings

  • 6:30 PM EST - No-Code Blockchain for Web3 Automation