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Exclusive Insights Await in This Week's Issue of The Weekly Howl Newsletter #123!

I read 5,000 tweets this week so you don’t have to. Here are the 10 biggest takeaways…

Happy Friday, and welcome to this week's issue of The Weekly Howl Newsletter! I read 5,000 tweets this week, so you don't have to. The 10 BEST tweets I saw this week are listed below 📈

General Outline:

  • Section One: Investment Talk

  • Section Two: Finance Laughs

  • Section Three: Top Tier Tweets

Section One: STOCKS

Let's talk stocks - breakdowns, insights, and advice from the depths of social media:

  1. Here’s a deeply informational macro take 👨‍🏫 

  1. Unrelenting optimism is always worth a dose of harsh skepticism 🔚 

  1. If I’ve learned anything from Michael Scott, it’s that socializing gets the deals done 🍸️ 

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Section Two: Best FinTwit Memes

Finance can be fun, and I'm here to prove it; check out the section below for a chuckle:

  1. The economy is about to kill it this year 📈 

  1. APR who? 😬 

  1. If the IRS challenges this, there is plenty of evidence out there to acquit yourself 🏦 

Section Three: 5-Star Tweets

Not all tweets are created equal. In fact, some are MUCH better than others. Here's some of the cream of the crop this week:

  1. At the end of the day, we’re all merely making a guess. Some are just being paid more to do it 🎙️

  1. A testament to the power of the team at Nvidia 🔥 

  1. Logical fallacies get everyone, no matter salary or education level 💡 

  1. You begin to learn what’s actually important and worth your precious time 🕓️ 

Spaces Weekly Recap:

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Have a great weekend!