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We’ll be discussing a whole range of financial topics LIVE on my X page:

Investing, crypto, trading, Web3, market sentiment, you name it.

And because I don’t want you to miss out on some knowledge that could be crucial to success in your financial journey, my entire schedule is included underneath this email…

If you can tune into any one of these spaces, you should - you’ll learn a lot.

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My Schedule This Week:


  • 9:20 AM EST - Good Morning FinTwit

  • 11 AM EST - Market Analysis W/ SavvyTrader

  • 12 PM EST - Win With Your Money

  • 2 PM EST - Stock Market Predictions

  • 3 PM EST - Stock Market Analysis

  • 5 PM EST - Stock Picks For the Week


  • 12 PM EST - Tesla Deep Dive

  • 1 PM EST - Dealing With Bull VS. Bear Markets

  • 2 PM EST - LIVE Trading

  • 3 PM EST - Stock Market Analysis


  • 9:30 AM EST - LIVE Trading

  • 10:30 AM EST - Medical Solution Investing

  • 2 PM EST - Macro Analysis W/ Hedgeye

  • 3 PM EST - Stock Market Analysis


  • 9:15 AM EST - LIVE Futuers Trading

  • 10:30 AM EST - Are Bonds Back?

  • 12 PM EST - AI & Grok Deep Dive

  • 3 PM EST - Stock Market Analysis


  • 9:15 AM EST - LIVE Trading W/ The Women of Wall ST

  • 3 PM EST - Market Analysis W/ SavvyTrader

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