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Instead of Spending 100k on an Education, DO THIS...

These 10 YouTube channels will change your Financial Success from a possibility to a probability.

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My finance degree taught me how to invest.

But it cost me 4 years and over $100,000.

Now you can get the same education instantly on YouTube for free.

But only if you subscribe to the right people.

Here are 10 YouTube channels that will make you a better investor:

1. Aswath Damodaran (@AswathDamodaran)

Aswath teaches finance at NYU, one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

He’s a master at valuing companies and provides Ivy League-grade courses for free on his YouTube channel.

2. Jordan AKA: Ace The Kid (@AcetheKidTA)

Jordan is a 21-year-old day trader who trades like he has 20+ years of experience.

If you want to learn how to be a successful trader, I'd recommend subscribing to his channel and studying his content.

I cover all things stock market news, updates, and developments.

From emerging technology and interviews on the economy to earnings reports if it’s related to stocks and investing, I have a video on it.

4. Brian Feroldi (@BrianFeroldi)

Brian Feroldi analyzes companies and financial statements so you don’t have to.

He throws out the jargon and simplifies complex financial topics so you can become a better investor. [img:l16V2b9hu]

5. Graham Stephan (@GrahamStephan)

Graham is an expert real estate investor with a library of videos walking you through real estate investing.

He also covers personal finance.

Subscribe if you want to build wealth with real estate and increase your financial literacy.

6. Decade Investor (@DecadeInvestor)

Decade is a transparent investor who teaches you how to create passive income with crypto, options, and long-term investments.

If you want to create passive income streams with stocks, he’s the guy to learn from.

7. Evan (@StockMKTNewz)

Evan is an up-and-coming YouTuber who shares exclusive interviews with top finance professionals and business leaders and stock market updates.

Subscribe to stay informed in the finance world.

8. Farzhad Mesbahi (@farzyness)

Farzad is a Tesla fanatic who keeps up with all things EVs and tech.

If you want to stay up to date with the auto industry Farzhad is a great YouTuber to do that with.

9. Whole Mars Catalog (@WholeMarsBlog)

Whole Mars is a Tesla Bull that covers all things Tesla Autopilot.

He posts videos on every scenario you can encounter with self-driving.

10. Wendy O (@CryptoWendyO)

Wendy does daily videos on crypto interviews, project reviews, discussion pieces, technical analyses, and market updates.

For all things crypto and NFTs, subscribe to her channel to learn more.

There you have it!

10 YouTube channels to get a FREE education and learn how to invest.

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