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🐺 Guiding the Quest for Financial Liberation! WOLF Wealth Weekly - Issue #132

Interpreting 15,000 Tweets so you don't have to

Happy Weekend, and welcome to this week's issue of The Weekly Howl Newsletter! I read 5,000 tweets this week, so you don't have to. The 10 BEST tweets I saw this week are listed below 📈

General Outline:

  • Section One: Investment Talk

  • Section Two: Finance Laughs

  • Section Three: Top Tier Tweets

Section One: STOCKS

Let's talk stocks - breakdowns, insights, and advice from the depths of social media:

  1. Buckle up 💺 

  1. Has anyone checked up on China? 🆘 

  1. See ya’ll in a year 🪖 

Vistagen ($VTGN) is pioneering a new generation of neuroscience medicines that could change the lives of tens of millions of people.

Their goal is to set a new standard of care in the treatment of multiple psychiatric and neurological disorders.

The beautiful thing is that they are publicly traded, allowing anyone to invest in the technology.

Learn more about them below:

Section Two: Best FinTwit Memes

Finance can be fun, and I'm here to prove it; check out the section below for a chuckle:

  1. Libertarians rejoice 🧨 

  1. Reality is often disappointing 🪨 

  1. I love myself a good win-win scenario 🥳 

Section Three: 5-Star Tweets

Not all tweets are created equal. In fact, some are MUCH better than others. Here's some of the cream of the crop this week:

  1. This argument is too logical to be real 💭 

  1. Honesty is a superpower we all need to have ✊ 

  1. I would rather deal with the pain of trying to focus than deal with the consequences ⚔️ 

  1. It is amazing how well this simple technique works 🌠 

Spaces Weekly Recap:

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Have a great weekend

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