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Stories of the Week

Growing Your Hedge Fund’s Assets Almost 3000x

Julian Robertson is one of the biggest Wall Street legends, and for a good reason.

He created Tiger Management, a hedge fund that:

  • Went from managing $8 million in assets to $22 billion at its peak.

  • Got 32% annual returns.

Julian Robertson himself went on to mentor and seed a huge list of hedge fund managers that became known as Tiger Cubs.

The list includes:

  • Steve Mandel

  • Andreas Halvorsen

  • Chase Coleman

  • Lee Ainslie

  • John Griffin

So what can we learn from the man himself?

Here are a few of his investment principles:

1) Pragmatism

Julian closed Tiger Management back in 2000 because the market no longer suited his methods.

His style is built upon fundamental analysis, which was no longer effective during the time of the dot-com crash.

So, instead of being stubborn and sticking to his methods, he decided to close the firm after 20 years of outperforming the market.

Pragmatism at its finest.

2) Make concentrated bets

One of Tiger Management's key strategies was making huge concentrated bets on certain assets.

An example of this is their investment in American Airlines in the 1990s.

Given that the fund got 32% annual returns for over 20 years, it’s easy to see that the strategy has paid off.

3) Discipline

Markets are notoriously volatility that can wipe out even some of the biggest and most prominent investors.

That’s especially true for periods like the dot-com bubble, which once again showed Julian’s discipline.

By closing the firm, he stayed disciplined instead of trying to compete in a new environment.

If you want to become a better investor or trader, Julian Robertson is one of the people you need to study.

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