Jon Najarian - The $750m Brokerage Founder!

1 Day Left to Invest

Jon Najarian built and sold TradeMonster for $750,000,000 and now he has joined me as an Aries shareholder. Below is the Aries CEO being interviewed by Jon on the floor of the NYSE!

Before we get to that: Why am I sharing this?

The brokerage that I trade on - Aries - is allowing retail investors like me and you to invest in their funding round right now.

I’m a huge Aries fan because they have unbeatable execution speed and free options flow, plus you can trade stocks, options, crypto, indexes, and futures all in the same platform.

I have already personally invested in the round (in fact I went back for seconds this week) joining nearly 400 others who have invested over $600,000 together.

I want to give a massive thank you to Aries for sponsoring this newsletter and making a great trading platform.

I’m excited to share this opportunity with you so here’s the breakdown:

The venture capital landscape has historically favored institutional players, leaving retail investors to engage post-IPO, missing substantial pre-IPO gains. For instance, a pre-IPO investment of $10,000 in Robinhood would now be $3.3M, and in Coinbase, over $1M. 

While Aries initially partnered with traditional VC, their subsequent funding rounds aim to level the field for retail investors, embodying their belief that a company is stronger when its users are also its investors. A true "people's broker" should be owned by the people.

Reminder: Their fundraise ends tomorrow and there is only limited space left. With their next VC roadshow scheduled for next month, they might never come back. Don't miss your chance to join me on this incredible ride!

If you have any questions you can directly DM their CEO here:

That’s all for today!