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Here’s Your Answer: 15 Investing Rules to Know by 35

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Here are 15 investing rules everyone should learn by 35:

1. The more you look at your stocks the more emotionally attached you will feel. If you want to get your emotions under control, start by automating your investments.

2. You’ll have a higher chance of building wealth if you buy multiple solid companies than if you focus all your energy on looking for the next Apple.

3. The data says index fund investors will outperform individual stock pickers. This doesn’t mean you can’t be good at picking stocks. It just means it’s much more difficult than you think.

4. Greed and fear will move stock prices wildly in the short term. This volatility will eventually decrease, but the fundamentals won’t.

5. It doesn’t matter if you’re buying index funds or if you’re buying stocks. Mixing your emotions with your investments is a surefire way to lose money.

6. Bull markets are opportunities to make money. Bear markets are even bigger opportunities to make money.

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7. Everyone is a genius during a bull market.

8. If you have a long time horizon you only need 6-9 months of cash. Everything else can be invested.

9. Investors who think in decades will always outperform investors who think in days.

10. Great investments will not always seem like great investments. It pays to be patient.

11. Companies become great by disrupting markets and making money. Companies stay great by growing profits and managing cash flow.

12. Volatility is the price you pay for long-term profits. It’s worth it.

13. It will take centuries to get rich by saving, but you can get rich in years by investing. If you want to build wealth, you must invest.

14. Bear markets transfer money from the emotional to the calm and collected. You’re in control of what side you’re on.

15. Wealth isn’t built from investing one time. It’s built from investing each paycheck consistently for years.

There you have it!

15 investing rules everyone should learn by 35.

Thanks for reading.

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