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Investing, crypto, trading, Web3, market sentiment, you name it.

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My Schedule This Week:


  • 9:20 AM EST - Good Morning FinTwit

  • 11 AM EST - Investing In ETFs W/ Gabelli Funds

  • 2 PM EST - Stock Market Predictions

  • 3 PM EST - Stock Market Analysis

  • 5 PM EST - Stock Picks For the Week


  • 9:15 AM EST - Live Trading & Market Talk

  • 11 AM EST - Futures Chat W/ ETF

  • 12 PM EST - Tesla Deep Dive

  • 3 PM EST - Stock Market Analysis

  • 5:30 PM EST - Market Analysis W/ Special Sits

  • 6:45 PM EST - Precious Metals Deep Dive


  • 10:30 AM EST - Stock Talk

  • 3 PM EST - Stock Market Analysis


  • 9:15 AM EST - LIVE Trading & Market Talk

  • 10:30 AM EST - Bitcoin Meets Defi

  • 12 PM EST - The X Spaces Crew

  • 1 PM EST - AI Deep Dive

  • 2 PM EST - Approaching Today’s Stock Market

  • 3 PM EST - Stock Market Analysis


  • 9:15 AM EST - LIVE Trading W/ The Women of Wall ST

  • 10:40 AM EST - Data Marketplace Deep Dive

  • 3 PM EST - Market Analysis W/ SavvyTrader

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