The Weekly Howl - Issue #6

Welcome to The Weekly Howl Newsletter! I read 5000 tweets this week so you don't have to. Here are the 10 best tweets I saw 📈

General Outline:

  • Section One: Let's talk about Investing

  • Section Two: Funny Finance

  • Section Three: Tweets you NEED to read

Section One: STOCKS

Let's talk stocks - breakdowns, insights, and advice from the depths of social media 📲

  1. We often search for short-term trends but it's important to zoom out to the bigger picture and understand how they form.

2. With proper entry points and risk management techniques you WILL set yourself up for success!

3. Who doesn't love some stock market math?

Section Two: Best FinTwit Memes

Finance can be fun and I'm here to prove it, check out the section below for a chuckle 🤣

  1. Those red day feels 😥

2. Well this is just unacceptable....

3. Don't worry, it's transitory 😖

Section Three: 5-Star Tweets

Not all tweets are created equal, in fact, some are MUCH better than others. Here's some of the cream of the drop this week:

1. How can you know what it means to win if you've never lost?

2. Passive income is a MUST

3. Mindset is KING

4. Let's end the newsletter with some positive energy 😊

Closing Remarks:

I spent last weekend at FinTwit conference meeting so many amazing people from Twitter in real life. The experience was exhilarating and I hope to do it again soon. Hope you have an amazing weekend!

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