The Weekly Howl - Issue #8

Welcome to The Weekly Howl Newsletter! I read 5000 tweets this week so you don't have to. Here are the 10 best tweets I saw 📈

General Outline:

  • Section One: Investment Talk

  • Section Two: Finance Laughs

  • Section Three: Top Tier Tweets

Section One: STOCKS

Let's talk stocks - breakdowns, insights, and advice from the depths of social media 📲

  1. This year's earnings season is carrying heavier weight, here's why:

2. Whenever possible - Zoom out and recalibrate.

3. Here's an incredible thread on the rise of $SHIB and how it can save Robinhood 👇

Section Two: Best FinTwit Memes

Finance can be fun and I'm here to prove it, check out the section below for a chuckle

  1. Who's Facebook trying to fool?

2. Sometimes it's just that simple 🤷‍♀️

3. I'm all for this but what the hell does a ROTH IRA look like 😂

Section Three: 5-Star Tweets

Not all tweets are created equal, in fact, some are MUCH better than others. Here's some of the cream of the drop this week:

1. Follow the institutions!

2. Amazing how Josh only speaks FACTS

3. It's not easy, but it's worth it.

4. Now more than ever it is clear and obvious that building a community is the first step to bringing an idea, company, or project to market.

Closing Remarks:

I spent 20+ hours this week hosting Twitter Spaces covering fundamental & technical analysis, crypto, NFT's, day trading, options and more. It was a lot of hours but I loved every moment. Join me on one next week! Hope you have an amazing weekend 😁

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