WOLF Financial Weekly Newsletter - Issue #112

I read 5,000 tweets this week so you don’t have to. The 10 BEST tweets I saw this week are listed below

Happy Friday and welcome to The Weekly Howl Newsletter! I read 5,000 tweets this week so you don't have to. The 10 BEST tweets I saw this week are listed below 📈

General Outline:

  • Section One: Investment Talk

  • Section Two: Finance Laughs

  • Section Three: Top Tier Tweets

Section One: STOCKS

Let's talk stocks - breakdowns, insights, and advice from the depths of social media:

  1. It all eventually adds up ⛰️ 

  1. This isn’t the kind of festive red that I was talking about 🎅 

  1. And inflation is still winning… 🔽 

Section Two: Best FinTwit Memes

Finance can be fun, and I'm here to prove it; check out the section below for a chuckle:

  1. I guess everyone is out here living the same life 😿

  1. The White House intern never learned about basic derivative rules 😆 

  1. The likeness is uncanny 🎭️ 

Section Three: 5-Star Tweets

Not all tweets are created equal. In fact, some are MUCH better than others. Here's some of the cream of the crop this week:

  1. In essence, do what the government could never do. Tackle the root of the problem 🪨 

  1. Conviction is always easy to have during a bull market, but can you keep it when you’re actually tested ❓️ 

  1. I'm always skeptical of shortcuts, including on Google Maps. So, definitely don't risk it on your livelihood 🗺️

  1. A great quote by a great man. RIP Charlie Munger 🕊️ 

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Spaces Weekly Recap:

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